Camping in Gallatin National Forest, MT

Deer at Hegben Lake

June, 2021 Montana – Hegben Lake, Lonesomehurst campground

It was good to be back at the same campground area that I stayed in last year. My spot was right on the lake and it was nice and quiet. I set up my tent and put my folding table and a chair in it, along with campfire stuff. This acted as my “living room” so I could sit outside without being eaten alive by mosquitos. Napping in there was very easy. The floor was dirty, but I swept it out and tried to wash it down. My other chair was outside facing the lake and this was the best 3 days I’ve had in a while. There was no hiking or adventures, just stayed around the campground.
My camera was ready for the most part and I spent most of the day relaxing and waiting for sunset. There was a deer across the lake drinking and it was beautiful to see a creature so close. That night I spent taking pictures of the Milky Way, which was just above the lake across from my camp site. I think I got a shot of the Northern Lights, too, as there was some green light in some of the shots.
The next night an Arctic fox was roaming around the campground and walked right in front of me as I was sitting in my chair. What a beautiful animal! It wandered away after a couple of minutes.
I took a shower in my tent and washed the floor. It really feels good to shower outside. I should try it more often.

Milky Way at Hegben Lake

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