On the road again – Alabama and Georgia

My next destination was fairly close to the campground, just across the border in Alabama. I planned to visit my colleague, June whom I worked with at Flat Creek. She is a great person with a big heart, and I wanted to say hello before I left. She met me at Todd’s Farm RV Park, where I found a spot for the night. Todd’s Farm is a syrup farm (cane, I think) and had a cute little store and cafe. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger that was delicious! Thanks, Todd’s!

June stayed for awhile and then said good bye. We plan on keeping in touch because she wants to travel like me.

Georgia – Providence Canyon and Florence Marina State Parks
These parks are next to each other and I stayed for 3 nights at Florence Marina State Park. This is a big campground and the sites were huge! It was gorgeous! There was a clean bath house and laundry as well. Most of the sites are pull through and had full hook ups, fire pits, picnic tables and grills. The park also featured a large building for group events with a gazebo on the river. Strangely, there were a bunch of headstones on the trail and it looked like the remains of a cemetery, pets or otherwise. There was a homestead in Providence, and maybe that’s where the people lived. Don’t know about this and it would be a good research topic. There was also a camp host on the site and it was very secure. There is a lot to do here: fishing, boating, picnics, etc. This is another park that I’ll add to my “return to” list.

Providence Canyon State Park is noted as the “mini” Grand Canyon of the east. This was an easy hike down the the wet floor of the canyon. There are 6 trails that you can navigate to see some very cool rock formations. At the top there is a trail that goes all around the canyon and you can see the canyon floor and people walking around. This was really pretty and I guess that it’s nicer in the summer when everything is blooming.
There are gators in the marina! Be very careful, especially with kids and pets. Three of the critters were spotted when I was there and one was reported to be 13′ long! The gator catcher was out there trying to find it. The only other critter I saw was a tiny snake that might have hitched a ride in the van. I was sitting outside when it poked its little head out of the hole in my wheel cover. Very cute!

First stop was at a Harvest Host location, Four Arches Farm. Pat was a great host and gave me a tour of the small farm. There was a little bit of everything from alpacas to chickens and pigs. It was a lovely place for a stopover and was close to Savannah. I spent the night under a large tree next to the woods, and it was very peaceful.
If I ever wanted to live in a southern city, this would be it! The downtown area was full of small shops and restaurants, and the architecture is stunning! I took another trolley tour late one afternoon and spent a second day on it to see all of the sights in the Historic District. From old squares, churches and statues to famous river front restaurants and shopping, it was all there. Of course, bad weather seems to follow me and during the trolley tour there was a tornado warning. Everyone’s cell phone was beeping and the driver asked what was going on. We told him and continued the tour. It is very expensive to live in this part of Savannah and the popular Jones Street area homes run around $6 million! I really should start playing the Lottery. (Can’t find any pictures, sorry.)

Four Arches Farm, Pembroke, Georgia

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