Rainy days are good for walking around-Squam Lake Science Center

6/8/2022 (Warning! Italics contain sarcasm.)
It rains here a lot. The humidity gets high. Then it got hot like the rest of the country. I thought that I would be able to escape the heat being this far north, but that hasn’t happened. No climate change here.

Squam Lake Science Center is non-profit organization located in Holderness, NH and is education based rather than visiting a typical zoo (or Yellowstone, where visitors think its a zoo and the animals are tame.)
The center has several buildings with interactive exhibits throughout the trails and all have interesting narratives, pictures and fun things for the kiddos. There are also a couple of walking trails that I enjoyed while wandering around in the rain. It turned out to be a pretty nice day, but a very expensive one at $25.

There is also a boat tour company next to the Science Center that gives guided tours about the history and critters that live along the lake on canopied pontoons. There’s several different tours available depending on what you want to do, including bald eagle watching, group tours, and private tours, too. The movie On Golden Pond was also filmed here. Cool! I might take a boat tour at some point.

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