New Hampshire: Franconia Notch State Park

9/19/2022 Back in July, I visited this park and was fascinated once again by what New Hampshire offers. Highway 93 is west of Lake Winnipesaukee and is one of the main roads in NH. My friend, Cindy drove us that way when we were on the Kancamagus Hwy. I also heard about the beautiful falls at Flume Gorge and decided to take the trip. Flume Gorge is part of Franconia Notch State Park and there is a fee to enter, but you get a discount if you book ahead online. I went early in the morning to avoid the crowds. The trail is a two mile loop that leads to the streams of water that cascade down between high granite walls. Boardwalks lined one wall and it was a little slippery. After passing the falls, there’s a trail that leads back to the entrance and it was an easy walk. There is also a covered bridge built in the late 1800’s and is one of the oldest in the state. New Hampshire has dozens of covered bridges!
Franconia Notch is one of the passes in NH and is where the Old Man of the Mountain used to live. This was a rock face that fell to the ground about 20 years ago, and the state decided not to put it back together. Instead, they commissioned an art competition and a sculpture consisting of several poles placed in strategic spots that shows what the face would look like if it was still attached to the mountain. It was fun trying to find the best spot to put my feet in. The ground actually has feet you can step in depending on your height to see the profile. There are state signs that use the profile and others scattered around the state. Profile Lake is at the base of the mountain and there were a couple of men fly fishing. It looked so peaceful. There are several trails in the area for hiking as well. There’s campground and boating available too. This was a great spot in my book and the pictures speak better than words.

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