Leaving New England for the sugar beet harvest.

10/18/22 As I write this, I’m freezing my butt off in North Dakota.
I had mixed feelings about leaving New Hampshire. I really loved the east coast and New England, though it was pretty expensive. Maybe that’s true all over the country, but I am paying very close attention to gas prices now.
Driving to Vermont was a pleasant experience, watching the leaves starting to turn colors and enjoying the mountain views. Though my next destination was just a few hours away, I got an early start to my next destination. First stop was to the Vermont Country Store, a shop that I bought from through catalogs back in the day. I was excited to see it in person, and made it to the Town of Rockingham just before noon. The store is packed with all kinds of goodies and has a small food market at one end and an apothecary at the other. It was like visiting a department store because it had everything one needs to be comfortable. The prices were steep, but I found an entire wall of Darn Tough socks, my favorite wool socks, and splurged on a few new pairs. I couldn’t leave without getting some maple syrup either.
It was a beautiful sunny day and I walked around outside and took some pictures of the store and the small covered “kissing bridge” that is on the property.

Afterward, I drove to my camping site in Hapgood Pond in the Green Mountain National Forest. My site was at the end of the loop and was surrounded by trees and very quiet. The pond had a nice, easy trail all around and a sandy beach, all within walking distance to my camp site. Pit toilets were clean and they had their own septic system, the first I’ve seen. Flushing toilets and the shower house were at the beach, too, which made it super convenient. It would have been fun to have a campfire, but lugging wood in the van isn’t very practical. Maybe next time…

After a couple of nights, I moved on to New York and found a fantastic camp site at Webster County Park. It was a little pricy at $40 a night, but had the best shower I’ve ever had! The water pressure almost knocked me off of my feet! I was in heaven and it was free! It’s right across from Lake Erie and was quiet, just the way I liked it. The campground was pretty full and kids were everywhere, but they seemed well behaved. Onward to my next stop…

It rained the entire time I drove to the Canadian border. After getting through the patrol station and Peace Bridge, I wandered into the duty free shop to see if there was anything interesting. NOT. All they had was cigarettes, liquor and perfume. Boring!
I stayed at Sun Sherkston Shores Resort and was happy with my site. This is a BIG place and most are permanent sites with lots of park model homes. There’s a beach, activity center and more, but most were closed because the season was shutting down and hours were limited. There was really nothing to do in the middle of nowhere, so I spent most of my time in Niagra Falls. It was only a half hour from there and was very convenient.
Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada was not like I remembered back in the 1980s. It is a vibrant tourist town and I just loved it! You name it, it was there from big restaurants to dinosaur golf course, crazy amusements and the big Ferris wheel. It reminded me of a cross between Las Vegas and Wisconsin Dells. Then of course, were the falls, an amazing site on the Canada side. Here you can see both falls and at night there’s a light show with constant changing colors. Amazing!!! For two nights, I attempted to take some shots, and hope that some would be in focus. I’m having issues with the used lens I just bought and will get that looked at soon.
Next stop: Michigan!

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