California – Deb’s misadventures begin

Joshua Tree – I had a few days to spare before starting work at the RV park and on the way, stopped at Joshua Tree National Park. It’s only 45 minutes from the RV park and there is BLM land just south of Joshua Tree Cottonwood Spring entrance. The park is situated in three desert climates; Mojave, Colorado and Sonoran. I’ve never seen a real Joshua Tree and they are the strangest plants! They reminded me of body parts and ghostly figures. I love the desert though, and this 50 mile road was perfect for a day trip. There are many trails and pull outs and it was just fun driving through. This is a perfect spot for sunrise, sunset and star gazing. I spent my first time just driving around and checking out the park and drove to my final destination. I don’t like driving in the dark and the next time I plan to camp.
I was faced with driving in the rain the next time I went back. The rain let up a little later and I found a spot on BLM land just south of the park. After the rain stopped, I was treated to clear skies and quiet. I could see the lights from traffic about a mile away and they danced along the highway like fireflies. As I wandered around the the next day it snowed. Got to wonder about the weather in the desert! It was fun watching the snow and I took lots of pics hoping to make a holiday card. I spent two days there.

My first misadventure: The next day, the spot I was in was taken so I pulled into the next one and promptly got stuck in the sand when I was trying to turn the van around to face the road. I was in deep and called my insurance company, but they couldn’t find a tow service that would pull me out until the next day and was stuck there all night. I also found out that I don’t have roadside assistance, and will definitely be getting that! It was quiet and I felt safe, except for worrying that I might roll out of my bed.
The next morning the insurance company still couldn’t find anyone to pull me out. I went for a walk and was trying to figure out what to do when I met a man and his dog and we chatted for a bit. A small schoolie drove by and we waved, and just a little bit later he backed up toward me and asked if I was the one stuck in the van. I replied “yes” and he offered to pull me out, as he had a winch tie and could do it. OH JOY!!!
After hooking me up and giving me directions for steering, the men were able to guide me out of the very deep hole then I was able to back up to another site and move forward. There are some wonderful people out there and my deepest thanks go out to Chris! He invited me to join his group good vibes collaborative on Instagram. I’m in and hope to meet more nomads soon.
I’ll be heading back to Joshua Tree soon and will settle on firmer ground!

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