Is workamping that great? I should have trusted my instincts.

(Revised) This just happened a few days ago and is out of context with what I normally write about. I quit working at an RV Park in Thermal, California last weekend for a number of reasons, but the clincher was the attitude of the manager. He had a conversation with me at work about sex that made me so uncomfortable, I even mentioned sexual harassment, but he wouldn’t shut up. I finally yelled STOP and he told me to close up the office and sent me home. I packed up my stuff and left the park, and drove to the Sherriff’s office but it was closed. I was hysterical and crying, and thankfully, one of my sisters consoled me when I called. Once I calmed down I called and told him I quit and he said OK. I have never had this experience at work and it truly freaked me out!
He was antagonistic, perverted and the most unprofessional individual who doesn’t belong around people, especially females. He ogled women in his silent creepy way and specialized in antagonizing his workers.
I dropped off my keys to him on Monday and neither of us spoke a word. I decided not to file a complaint because nothing happened, except that I was exposed to his vile thoughts and super creepy past. An ALPHA MALE??? Why would he even mention that to me after I told him that I was uncomfortable??

I have to stay in the area because I am getting some minor surgery done at some point and will just stay away from that place. OMG is this what workamping is about???!!! HIT OR MISS FOR SURE! It’s really sad because I had just joined a Meetup Group to meet people in the area to go hiking with and the weather is decent. I didn’t like the place or the environment when I arrived, but stayed because I had nowhere else to go. There were a lot of reasons why I was going to leave, but I met a man that I really connected with there and decided to stay a while. However, it was too new to develop into anything and I just chose to move on. I will miss him.


1/27/2023 BIG UPDATE!
A few days ago one of my friends texted me to say that the manager was being fired (he is leaving next week) and the workampers let go. Some of the workampers are staying and will renting moving forward. The timing was uncanny! I might go back to rent for awhile so I have a place to crash after my surgery. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep the smirking to a minimum and will be hanging out in Arizona to be near my family. It’s the best dose of karma I’ve ever seen!

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