Post surgery – focusing on healing, planning my next trip and finding a summer position

It’s been awhile and a lot has happened physically, mentally and emotionally. Planning the logistics for my surgery was daunting. The initial plan was to stay at a hotel for a couple of days to prepare for the surgery on my hand to release 2 trigger fingers. A friend from the RV park drove me to the hotel and the next day I took an Uber, which was ridiculously expensive to the surgery center that was less than 5 miles away. Initially, there was a lot of preparation for the surgery itself as well, which I thought was kind of weird, like fasting and no water. So I went through all of this stuff and when I got there the nurse wanted to start prepping me for a general anesthetic. Yikes! That was not the original plan. I explained that I was staying at a hotel and was alone. There was a lot of confusion, to say the least. Apparently, my doctor misunderstood and thought that I wanted to be anesthetized but I said a big NO to that because I made arrangements assuming that I’d get a local. After a lot of discussion, we agreed to have a local so I could leave without assistance. The surgery was quick and uneventful, and I was thankful. Afterwards, a medical transportation service gave me a ride back to the hotel, where I waited for the local anesthetic to wear off and try to get some sleep.
After a rough night dealing with pain and the awkward feeling in my right hand (my dominant hand) with not being able to use it, I was able to get dressed and leave the hotel . My friend picked me up and drove back to the RV park.

The person I met stopped by to check on me, which I appreciated, but later on things took a change for the worse, and he was rude and disrespectful more than once. The weekend was an emotional upheaval and I struggled for some peace. Fortunately, a couple of people who witnessed this talked to me and then I calmed down and felt better about myself. With my dignity and self-respect intact, I forgave this person in my heart and am moving on.

The job search is continuing, though I did pass up a couple of opportunities. I’m leaving the RV park at the end of the week, but haven’t made any plans yet. And I have to go back to the doctor for a follow up appointment. Between the stress of surgery, looking for another rig and dealing with people, my brain is not functioning at full speed and I needed to take a break. Life is starting to come back together and I will post again soon.

Coming up: San Diego!

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