Anza-Borrego State Park and Sculpture Gardens

Anza-Borrego State Park
This state park stretches from the Salton Sea to Borrego Springs in the foothills of the Laguna mountains. It is the largest state park in California that encompasses about 500 miles. There are many trails and campgrounds in this hilly desert and much more BLM land that makes it easier to find a spot. This is also an ATVers paradise with caravans nestled together along the road and in the hills and I watched them in action. There are some turn outs on the road, but be careful when walking in the sand. I walked and stepped into a sugar sand spot along the road, sinking in a few inches. Gotta be careful anywhere in the desert!

Some of the nicer spots were at the curve on S22 just beneath the hills. I headed to Borrego Springs visitor center on my second visit and walked around a bit, then went on a couple of the trails looking for the flower blooms. There are two places to view the wildflowers, and I think I found one of them. The locations were not easy to find as there were no signs. Very pretty purple and yellow ones that were blowing in the wind and it was nice to see something colorful.

The highlight of this trip was the sculpture gardens. On private property just north of Christmas Circle, the owner gives full permission for photography and walk along the huge metal sculptures that are scattered along the road. There were camels, elephants, tortoises, and (I think) rodents, dinosaurs, bugs and even a very large dragon. This is a place to visit!
At sundown, I descended slowly down the hills back into the Coachella Valley toward the RV park. Only a few more days until I leave.

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