Van cooking challenges

02/09/21 Cooking has been a major learning experience in the van. Originally, I designed the kitchen space to accomplish this, but it just isn’t working as planned. Meal planning is a challenge and I am struggling to find the right recipes that would make life easier. Cooking for one person is also a challenge because there are usually too many leftovers. I have some containers, but would rather not have so much food and it gets boring after a while. Any ideas about this would be greatly appreciated. If I could come up with about 10 meals that I can rotate and not waste, that would be ideal.
Breakfast is my favorite meal and I make it whenever I can, which is not too often. Recently, my cousin gave me a shaker container and I have some protein mix on hand, and that fills in the gaps. But fresh veggies, eggs and cheese are my favorite go-to meal. Lunch is usually leftovers, and I have dinner at the cafe when I am working and just need to decide on what to eat when I am free.
I also plan to do some baking and will get that organized soon. I’ll post some recipes that are working in the future and hope you can share some too!
Finally, clean up is another issue, and I would rather cook outside than inside. I have a couple of wash bins and use them whenever I have a chance. I also lined the pans with foil to make clean up much easier. Fortunately, the RV resort has a small kitchen area in the rec center that I can use and that has been really helpful.

Stay warm!

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