Progress – YAY!

Cabinet for sink

5/3 After all of the hassles that I’ve been through, I think I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. I met with the carpenter yesterday and brought all of my wood to his shop. He took extensive measurements and will be able to make my cabinet by next weekend. Everything has been dry fitted and will soon be permanently attached.

Tim, my RV guy, will build the sink cabinet and try to figure out the plumbing. I sent him some layouts and hopefully, it won’t be too difficult. I found exactly what I wanted at Menards. I am buying a standard 36″ base cabinet that is unfinished ($95) and will go with the laminate countertops. There will be one on each side of the van that will serve as a cook/prep/desk area. The sink is small enough to give me room on that counter too. The 7 gallon water containers are huge and I ordered 6 gallon ones just to be safe.

I also bought a 1″ x 72″ dowel rod for the seat curtain area. There was a good idea on Pinterest that I will try using donut magnets and nuts/bolts. I also bought magnets for the back door windows and working on the final (4th) revision of the window covers. There is no more batting, so these won’t be insulated, except for the black out material, which should help.

I feel a lot better now and hope everything will be done by the weekend. Going to work on the sewing part this week and can’t wait until it’s all finished so I can move my stuff in.

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