Lightening the load – the kitchen

5/6 Now that the van is coming together, details are starting to pour in. After reviewing the space in the van, I need to purge 3x more and yet be functional. This will also lighten the load on the van and help with fuel efficiency.

The kitchen has been a constant purge process and I am pleased with the results. I plan to take 3 of my small appliances, since I cook regularly and with the pandemic, will stay out of restaurants. I have an induction cook top and a propane single stove. A new toaster oven is on the way, but there won’t be a microwave. The sink cabinet is being installed this week with a bar sink, faucet, manual foot pump and 6 gal. water jugs (one for gray water). There will be a counter top cabinet on the driver side that will house the compressor fridge (on wheels) and shelving for the cooking supplies and small appliances. The cabinet will be a pantry for food and bowls, plates, etc. Cleaning supplies will be in the sink cabinet with whatever else I can get in there. Unfortunately, there aren’t any drawers, so that will be a redesign in the future.

This is going to be a learning process for me going out for the first time across the country. Most of my food will be dry and I’ll buy perishables to use right away. I’m not a big meat eater so this should be fairly easy to do. I’m looking for good camping recipes and hope to get your input.

That’s all for now. See you soon!

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