The sink install, etc.

5/9 The water containers are big, but will fit under the sink. Dale, who is working on the cabinet, made some changes and was able to install the undermount sink on top somehow. He mentioned that the foot pump will be good exercise because it takes a lot to build up pressure, and I’m OK with that. He said that the electric ones are just 12v and you shut it off when you are not using it. Maybe I’ll make that change when I come home.
Dale also changed the position of the sink and gave me a little more counter space, YAY! The faucet I bought is a lot bigger than I thought and looks like a real kitchen sink. The counter top looks great and is completely finished. Dale also moved the 110v outlet to the side of the sink so I can access it (not in picture). He punched out the back for me so I can lug the water cans in and out of the van. He drilled holes for the handles and I will stain the cabinet white, then install them after. At some point, I would like to have a piece of wood that would act as a drop down table so I can cook outside. Cool, huh?

The 2000w inverter weighs about 10 lbs. Dale reconfigured one of the bed frames and attached it to it. Now I will have electricity off grid! So exciting!
Finally, he installed closet rod brackets for me, but they are inside the overhead because they needed a flat space to attach to. I may need to reconfigure this. I can put the rod in but it might take up the curtain and expose the bottom. This was another hefty cost, and I’m glad it’s almost over.

The window covers are done and the seat curtain is huge and heavy. I call it the projector curtain, making the black out side usable for a screen to watch from my computer (hopefully). The last thing I need will be a mini projector that I can hook up to my lap top.

I’ve spent too much money on this project and made a lot of mistakes, which is starting to keep me up at night. I need to find a side job while I’m on the road to pay for gas, food, the van and insurance. Yikes!

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