Finishing up the van and packing it up – found my camera!

6/3 It’s been almost 2 weeks since I moved out of the condo. I stayed with my sis and Bro over Memorial Day weekend and they helped me to finish up the van. This was a lot of work. Bro revised the counter to make it lower and flush with the window sill and we installed it. Then we put the fridge in and made a shelf over it to fit the propane stove and induction cook top.

I wanted to put up a wall next to the counter and bought another piece of birch plywood. We installed the wall and shelf between the cabinets. We finished the bed frame and installed the platform. The mattress took 3 days to inflate and it fits perfectly.

I started cramming things into the van and had to purge some more. We finally got everything in and I just had to paint the sink cabinet with a coat of white and clear coat to cover the marks made during the install. I was able to keep an extra box there, and gave Sis 3 empty clear boxes.

Finally, we will add a door to the counter to hide the ugly shelves and keep things from moving around.

Today, I finished packing up the van and everything fits. I also found my camera, YAY! More pictures to come.

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