Here I go, on the road again

Osprey in the park at Old Faithful Geyser Basin

9/5/20 Well, it’s one more day until I have to leave Yellowstone. We are cleaning the kitchen and trying to use as much food up as possible, so meals are a bit of a mishmash. However, our chef is amazing and can do just about anything with leftovers. We need to leave by Tuesday, but my van appointment is that day, so I am going to Salt Lake City on Monday and will spend a couple of days there to run errands and explore the city. It will be my first time in Utah!
Today, I filled up the water jugs and emptied the gray tank. I also tried to attach the legs to the heater and hopefully, the new fix will work (using the clear Gorilla tape). The counter top seems to be holding up, but I felt a couple of bubbles today. I am glad that I still have glue for it.

The plan is to go to all of the “Mighty Five” parks, but I’ll have to play it by ear. The first stop will be Arches and hopefully, I can boondock a couple of days before moving on. It would be great to take a formal tour and hook up with a photographer guide.

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